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PM Grindeanu: We must back European project strengthening, not multi-speed Europe

Romania's consistent stance - whether expressed by the country's Presidency, government or Parliament - on the future of the EU in the Brexit context is to support the strengthening of the European project in its current form, not a multi-speed Europe, said Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, according to Agerpres.

2017-04-03 00:31:56 - From the Print Edition

His comment was in reply to proposals made by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker about the future of the EU and the joint statement of Germany, France, Spain and Italy who spoke about a multi-tier Europe, or a EU with different levels of integration.

"I think that, whether we speak about the Presidency, the government or Parliament, we must all support what has been done so far, specifically strengthening the European project in this form, not a multi-speed Europe," said Sorin Grindeanu. "This is the position I see is shared by the President, this is what we as a government and Parliament support. There are some important, yet not decisive days in March. A dialogue will begin at the end of this month in Rome, with arguments, each of us will come with arguments. What I think is our duty is to uphold the strengthening of the European project in this form, not a multi-speed Europe."

In his opinion, Romania is taking the right foreign actions. "I think that we are doing what is necessary regarding our foreign policy, namely strengthen Romania′s role in the EU, at the European Commission, strengthen the strategic partnership with the US," added Grindeanu. "There are stable elements and guidelines for our country′s foreign policy, regardless of who is heading the two Houses of Parliament or who holds the majority. These elements have guided us in recent years and, I think, have placed us on the correct path, meaning a growing role of our country in the EU around the common European values."

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