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Drivers to pay up to 10 RON/ hour to park in Bucharest City Center

Parking in the center of Bucharest could cost up to 10 RON (2.1 Euro) per hour soon, according to the new tariffs approved by the General Council of Bucharest. Currently, the price of parking in the center is usually 1.5 RON per hour.

2018-06-18 11:16:50

According to the project, the Municipality will split the city in several areas to set parking prices.
Zone 0 will include four segments: Intercontinental and University Square underground parking lots, N. Balcescu - C.A. Rosetti - D. Gerota - J. L. Calderon - T. Arghezi - I. Campineanu - Calea Victoriei - Splaiul Independentei - I.C. Bratianu streets; overground parking at Cocor; I.C. Bratianu - Sf. Vineri - Calea Mosilor - H. Botev - C. Coposu streets; overground parking at Unirea and C. Coposu - M. Basarab - Mircea Voda - Unirii - Bratianu streets.
"Tariffs applicable for zone 0 will be: RON 10 from Monday to Friday. Parking will be limited to a maximum of 2 hours, and every hour over this interval will be overtaxed with double the hourly cost," the City Hall's project reads.
For those who live in the area, the monthly cost will be 120 RON. In the other zones that are further away from the center, the tariffs will range from 5 RON for Zone 1 and 2.5 RON for Zone 2 between 6 am and 6 pm, and 2.5 and 1.5 RON per hour respectively after 6 pm.

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