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Telekom Romania implemented a Smart City solution in Alba-Iulia: smart lighting system for a secondary school

Telekom Romania announces the implementation of a new Smart City city solution in Alba-Iulia: a smart lighting system installed in the secondary school Nr. 7 Mihai Eminescu. The old lighting system of the school, based on neon, was replaced with a smart lighting system implemented in all the 28 calssrooms, corridors, bathrooms and teachers' meeting room.

2018-11-06 11:12:09

Telekom Romania is expanding thus the list of smart solutions implemented in Alba-Iulia, adding a Smart City solution to its portfolio after the Smart Education solution that consisted in the implementation of the electronic catalogue in 18 schools in the city in 2017. School Nr.7 Mihai Eminescu is among these schools.

The smart lighting system implemented by Telekom Romania includes LED lighting units, that allow the control of light intensity and flow in the school, depending on the time of the day and season.

Energy consumption and related cost cut for the school are among the benefits of the system's implementation. The system allows the adjustment of the lighting depending on the natural light intake in every room and the lights turn off automatically during the breaks. The corridors were equipped with dimming LEDs with sensors, the turn on and off while walking and the bathrooms have lights that turn on when they are used and turn off during the breaks.

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