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Ratio between pensioners and employees could double by 2032 as compared to 2014, pension fund manager says

The ratio between pensioners and employees could double by 2032 as compared to 2014, which will cause problems in covering the necessary pension payments by the employees for those who enter the pu...

Damages to electricity networks caused by severe weather conditions do not increase the distribution tariffs, says ACUE

Lately, Romania confronted with extreme, unpredictable meteorological phenomena that have caused major damages, in large areas, to electricity distribution networks.

Orbis turnover increased to 62 million Euro in Q1

The Orbis Hotel Group turnover increased by 4.4 million Euro in Q1 2017 up to 62 million Euro, a press release shows. Group's EBITDA in the first quarter totalled 8.9 million Euro, representing y...

Deloitte Romania appoints Alexandru Reff as new country managing partner
Cushman & Wakefield Echinox expands its retail department with new appointment
Banca Transilvania posts 246 million RON profit in the first quarter of 2017
Greg Konieczny, FP: We really need a miracle to think about Hidroelectrica's IPO this year
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A head for business

Explore the dazzling and surreal delights of Bucharests most exclusive hat maker at the Dog Work salon


Off the map

Sleek and sporty with the boot space of a convertible: can the new Infiniti FX50S be classed as an SUV? debates Adrian Ion


Parliament in crisis on verge of crucial vote

Parliament remained in deadlock as the main bulk of Romanias political parties have publicly refused to back President Traian Basescus choice for Prime Minister.


Doubts over central Asian commitment to Nabucco raised

Lack of commitment from central Asian countries to supply the gas pipeline Nabucco project with natural gas is clouding the projects future, argue industry experts.


French small priced clothing eyes east


German tour giant makes seaside return


German logistics provider makes entry


Goahead for German tyre plant expansion


South Korean electro-parts factory for Oradea


UK small loan provider opens Cluj office


Five billion Euro eco-artery for Dambovita tabled

Bucharests Dambovita river from Parcul Izvor to Lacul Morii river could be witness to a green artery in an ambitious ten-year project from a consortium of local and international developers.


Mr Jerome Olive is poised to take over as administrator of Dacia-Renault this month, when the present director general, Mr Francois Fourmont, retires. 51 year-old Mr Olive has worked for Renault since 1982, ris...


Former prime minister Mr Mugur Isarescu, 60, has been re-appointed for another five-year term at the leadership of the National Bank of Romania, which he has headed for most of the last 19 years. Mr Florin Geor...


Mr Aurelian Popa, 50, is the new president of the Privatisation Authority (AVAS), replacing Mr Mircea Ursache. Mr Popa's most significant position prior to this appointment was prefect of Dambovita county betwe...


Mr Michel Lamoot is the new director general of German Metro-owned Real Hypermarket Romania. Former director of non-food acquisitions for Real Poland has previously worked in retail in South Korea, Japan and Fr...


Mr Arpad Torok is the new executive manager of real estate developer TriGranit Romania, replacing Mr Lorant Varga. Previously, Mr Torok headed the leasing division of the company.


Mr Florin Nicolae Muntean is the new general manager of state-owned gas transport company Transgaz Medias, replacing Mr Ioan Rusu. Mr Muntean, president of Medias organisation of the Democratic Liberal Party (P...


Mr Gheorghe Dobre, Romania's former Minister of Transport, has been promoted secretary general in the Ministry of Development


Mr Tiberiu Csaki and Mr Claudiu Munteanu-Jipescu have been promoted to the position of partners at the Romanian branch of international law firm Salans. Mr Csaki is leader of Salans's employment, litigation and...



Missile threat shifts to Black Sea

How can Americas anti-ballistic missile architecture expand into the land and waters of the Black Sea region? Michael Bird reports


Cash crisis new obstacle to roadworks

Tenders are launched, deals are made, roads are under construction, but the financial crisis has brought a new obstacle to infrastructure development lack of money. Ana Maria Nitoi reports


Battle of the pragmatists

Candidates for the election abandon ideology to focus on who is the most competent manager for the country. Report by Michael Bird



Holding out for the long-term

Political upheavals will not effect long term plans of Austrian investors, says Ambassador to Romania Martin Eichtinger


Wind future held back by legal blockage

A delay for over a year in fixing legislation for renewable energy is holding up hundreds of million of Euros ready to fund wind energy in Romania, so investors are heading south in search of a breath of fresh air


No escape from the fair deal

From catching scheming hoteliers, probing petrol stations to opening up the notary market, President of the Competition Council Bogdan Chiritoiu talks cartel-busting to Ana Maria Nitoi


Keeping on top of the crisis

Modernisation of the public sphere is a necessity to help the country make the most of the remaining opportunities for big-time foreign investment: Technology entrepreneur and president of the management board of S&T Romania Dan Roman talks to Ana Maria Nitoi


Media war against Basescu helps Geoana poll rise

Power does not have a predictable course in Romania. A year ago incumbent leader Traian Basescu looked as though he could win in the first round of this years Presidential vote, with the support of over 50 per cent of Romanians


Testing times for operational leasing

The industry in the long-term rental of vehicles faces a tough test, but the market is still set to grow in 2009: a report from a specialist event on operational leasing

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