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Enel to invest 329 million Euro in Romania in 2017-2018

Enel has planned investments for a total of 329 million Euro for the current regulatory cycle ending in 2018, of which of over 151 million Euro are due for 2017 and 178 million Euro for 2018.

Commissioner Cretu underscores need for monitoring implementation of major projects in Romania
Uber to launch carpool service in Romania by 2020
BMW Group explores Romanian IT industry opportunities
Illegal logging in Romania reduces in 2016
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Romanian missile shield becomes welcome contribution to NATO defence

NATO has signalled that the new US-Romania anti-ballistic missile shield project will become a welcome national contribution to the defence architecture of the bloc


Two state energy champions cleared for take-off

Romanias Ministry of Economy and Commerce has approved the setting up of the two national energy companies, Electra and Hidroenergetica, comprising much of the states existing assets in the energy sector


Kienbaum exec search enters Bucharest market

German executive search consultants Kienbaum has entered the Romanian market and will focus on hiring in top management and C-level executives in functions such as finance, controlling, production, operations, ...


OTP Bank boosts Romanian share capital

OTP Bank Romania has increased its share capital by 80 million RON (18.6 million Euro), announced the Budapest Stock Exchange. With this increase, the statutory capital of OTP Bank Romania is now 543 million RO...


New private eye hospital opens

Turkish West Eye Hospital Group has opened a 1,400 sqm private eye hospital - West Eye Hospital - on Bucharests Calea Vitan. The company aims to make 300 operations and 2,000 consultancies per month. The Roman...


Plexus plans to hire up 500 for Oradea

US-based Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) manufacturer Plexus plans to begin construction on a factory in Oradea Industrial Park, Bihor county, in 2011 for a finish date of 2012 in an investment of appro...


Intel plans to hire up to 100 for R&D centre

US global technology company Intel Corporation has opened a software development centre in Bucharest. Intel will initially hire 24 software professionals a number that will grow to between 72 and 96. The new ...


SDL Language Weaver hires 40 more for Cluj

Linguistic services provider SDL Language Weaver will pour a further two million Euro in the development of an operational centre it opened in Cluj Napoca in 2008, hiring an additional 40 to its existing 60 emp...


Biodegradable flats due for capital suburbs

Real estate company Ozone Homes - set up by Australian real estate developer South Pacific and a group of British investors - will build 40 eco-dwellings in Tunari, Ilfov county


Break out for the festive season

Stuck for ideas over the Xmas break? There are great packages with hotels over the seasonal period where a room at some high class locales can be found for 100 Euro feign a sickness, escape the family and t...


Mr Hezy Ovadia has taken over the presidency of the local Tuborg beer producer and beverage company United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (URBB) from Mr Shachar Shaine. Mr Ovadia has 19 years of experience in fmcg...


Barroso: right time for Romania

No regrets: Many said EU membership should not happen so quickly but I strongly believe it was the right thing to do at the right time, said Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, as he ...


Credit Europe Bank Romania has appointed 38 year-old Mr Omer Tetik as President, replacing Mr Murat Sabaz, who will coordinate the financial investments of the Turkish finance group in Romania. Previously Turki...



Secret life of the Romanian dog

Charities are sterilising Bucharests tens of thousands of stray dogs, but first they must catch the crafty hounds - in a fearless operation requiring a net, frankfurters and a blowpipe. Report by Michael Bird



Personal touch

Bucharests ambitions of thousand rooms hotels are over as the capitals style of hospitality switches from the epic to the intimate Report by Corina Ilie and Michael Bird


Preparing to host new brands

New international hotel names may enter the Bucharest hospitality market, but the number of rooms is not set to rise, argues Ramada Parc & Plaza manager Daniel Ben Yehuda Profile by Corina Ilie


Putting the leash on Bucharest's shadow city of dogs

No subject divides the people of Bucharest more than the choice of whether to feed the citys stray dogs or poison them


Property bosses aim for public sector alliance

Real estate developers welcome a greater openness from local Government to team up to build new housing projects. Report by Corina Ilie


Riding holidays boost Transylvania activity tourism

Horse-riding holidays in the Carpathians are proving a more popular leisure activity in Romania, according to Count Tibor Kalnocky, who runs guest houses in Covasna and Brasov counties


How far should the private and public systems partner in Romanian healthcare ?

Building better relationships between an underfunded public system and a thriving private system in Romanian healthcare were under fierce debate at a high-level conference in Bucharest


Austrians stake claim to green energy

Renewable energy investments from Austria are expected to rise - if the legal incentive scheme for this is in place, according to Rudolf Lukavsky, commercial counsellor for the Austrian Embassy in Bucharest


Trading up in the down market

Seizing the right moment to raise prices and drive up production handed Romanian building materials producer Adeplast a chance to take on rival multinationals - owner Marcel Barbut reveals to Corina Ilie


Call for coherence

Consistency, bi-partisan approval and long-term planning are vital to secure Romanias promising future in energy findings from the 2010 Conventional Energy Forum


Preparing power for sale

Ahead of a massive sell-off in the states energy sector, key decision maker and Minister of economy, commerce and business affairs Ion Ariton responds to The Diplomat


Romanian opposition must dump the personal from the political

The most curious reason for last months impeachment of the sitting Emil Boc Government by the opposition Liberals (PNL) and Social Democrats (PSD) was an attack on Prime Minister Boc himself for his lack of personality

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