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Enel to invest 329 million Euro in Romania in 2017-2018

Enel has planned investments for a total of 329 million Euro for the current regulatory cycle ending in 2018, of which of over 151 million Euro are due for 2017 and 178 million Euro for 2018.

Commissioner Cretu underscores need for monitoring implementation of major projects in Romania
Uber to launch carpool service in Romania by 2020
BMW Group explores Romanian IT industry opportunities
Illegal logging in Romania reduces in 2016
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Left-Liberal-Conservative-Right alliance abandons ideology for deposition tactics

Romania is set for a new alliance which brings together socialist, conservative, liberal and far right groups under one umbrella the Social Liberal Alliance


Romania secures five billion Euro cushion over election year

Romania is set to sign a new five billion Euro precautionary stand-by arrangement with the International Monetary Fund and the EU this month, which will be operational in April


MR FRANZ RATTENSTETTER has been re-appointed general manager of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Blvd Poligrafiei in Bucharest, a five-star hotel owned by Rapid football club financier and businessman George Copos. Mr...


Polish national MR SLAWOMIR NIZALOWSKI, 38, is the new general manager of Mars Romania, taking over from Mr Tomasz Pawlowski, who becomes general manager of Mars chocolate in Poland. Working 15 years for Mars, ...


MR SAULO SPAOLANSE is the new country president of energy management company Schneider Electric Romania. Previously occupying management roles in Schneider Electric Brasilia, the Brazilian-born businessman take...


MR BOGDAN GRAMA a former commercial director at Dole Romania, has been appointed Turkish biscuit brand Ulkers director general for central and eastern Europe.


Turkish-owned TV station Kanal D Romania member of the executive board HALUK KURCER has become general manager of the Dogan Group-owned channel, replacing Hatice Kolat.


MR ANTONIO CHAMBERS DE ANTAS DE CAMPOS has been appointed Ambassador of Portugal to Romania.


MR DANIEL BACH has been appointed CEO of Swiss cement producer Holcim Romania, taking over from Mr Markus Wirth, who remains in the company as president of the administration board. Swiss-born Mr Bach, 47, was ...


MR YILMAZ YILDIRIMLAR, director general of the Radisson Blu hotel in Bucharest, has been appointed district director for Radisson mother company Rezidors southeast Europe division, coordinating six hotels in R...


MR SAMI SHIBA has been appointed Ambassador of Albania to Romania.


MR MICHAEL STERNBERG has been appointed Ambassador of Denmark to Romania


North Bridge pledges further eight to ten million Euro in Romania

British investment and asset management company North Bridge Capital Partners is planning to invest between eight and ten million Euro in Romania in 2011 in the services and agriculture sector. The company has ...


Debutante wine Lacerta targets top horeca market

Wine brand Lacerta has launched onto the Romanian market following a six million Euro investment in vineyards in Fintesti, Buzau county. Targeting the high class horeca sector and wine shops in Romania, Lacert...


Hirschmann hires 150 to boost cable production in Targu-Mures

Car cable maker Hirschmann Automotive will invest three million Euro in expanding its factory near Targu-Mures to boost production capacity, hiring 150 people in the process. Hirschmanns Romanian factory is th...


Chicken restaurant Wienerwald franchise debuts in Bucharest

Turkish businessmen Tunc and Ali Capa will bring German chicken restaurant Wienerwald to Romania in a franchise agreement which could see 35 restaurants open by 2013, according to Ziarul Financiar. The former m...


Cargill boosts silo capacity in southwest

Agri-giant Cargill has bought a 40,000-tonnes grain silo in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Mehedinti county, which it will revamp by September, boosting the firms Romanian silo capacity by eight per cent. Cargill has ...


Toro builds micro-irrigation factory in Ploiesti

Turf maintenance equipment and precision irrigation system supplier The Toro Company will build an 11,000 sqm manufacturing plant in industrial park Ploiesti West Park, Prahova county. Construction will start i...


UKs Eco2 targets 200 million Euro plus investments in biomass

Welsh-based renewable energy developer Eco2 is targeting the development of two biomass plants in Romania in Slobozia, Ialomita county and Rosiorii de Vede, Teleorman county


Biomass leader energy investment a big mistake due to law delay

Due to delays in the implementation of Romanias law on renewable energy, leading biomass producer Holzindustrie Schweighofer believes it made a big mistake to invest in renewable energy in the country


High society smartens up for Viennese Ball

TAKE THIS WALTZ: Romanias annual Viennese Ball took to the dancefloor of the Parliament Palace, where a roster of business leaders, political figures, diplomats and celebrities joined together in support of ch...


The industry under threat!

Government Decision 1037/2010 transposing Directive 2002/96/CE into national legislation



War of words over 'gypsy' label intensifies

Civil society and Romanias cultural elite are fighting over whether the term tigan (gypsy) is derogatory to an ethnic group. And the battlefield is - the Romanian dictionary. Report by Cerasela Marin


Paying the price for cheap waste removal

Cut-price costs for removal of hospital waste arise fears that more human body parts could wind up in dustbins on Romanias streets Report by Nicoleta Banila



Needed co-operative farms attacked by black market

Consolidation and cooperation are key to ensuring productivity in Romanias agriculture, but greed, short-term thinking and the temptations of the black market are undermining efforts to associate. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Top of the crops

Romania is a safe bet for the future development of agriculture for multinational agricultural companies, argues CEO of Syngenta Romania Paul Claxton. Profile by Nicoleta Banila


Plough or pay policy set to force farms to grow up

Could a new law fining farmers who do not cultivate their land help Romania fully exploit its massive agricultural potential? State secretary for agriculture Adrian Radulescu explains this controversial move Profile by Nicoleta Banila


Pension-age Romanian farming set for shake-up in next decade

Travelling around the Romanian countryside what strikes visitors are strip farming resembling the backdrop to a medieval fresco, the horses and carts transporting hay-bails and the fieldworkers sharpening their scythes with whetstones


Power costs for irrigation beyond the pockets of farmers

Farmers rocked by the withdrawal of subsidies for irrigation have renounced over 80 per cent of their land for watering. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Suppliers double up as creditors to fund cash-strapped farmers

Due to a financing crisis in Romanias countryside, multinational agricultural companies are turning into creditors for farmers. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Maramures garlic jam bets on Bucharest

Farming entrepreneurs from Maramures travel 12 hours by train from Romanias remotest region to Bucharest in search of a market for high-class products - such as garlic and red onion jam, honey wine and Mangalitsa sausages. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Romania in genetically modified dilemma

Romanias Agriculture Ministry is pushing Brussels to allow recultivation of genetically modified crops - but opposition groups are lining up economic arguments against their development. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Organic boom held back by processing lack

Romania is growing as a producer of organic food, but because it lacks processing facilities, its green friendly stores are packed full of eco imports. Report by Cerasela Marin


Farmers must pass bank test for EU cash

Farmers struggle to find co-financing for their projects using EU funds, but banks argue they must stick to formal procedures if they want a loan. Report by Cerasela Marin


Greener leaner route for EU farm subsidy reform

Romanias small and medium-sized farms may win, but large farms may lose in the reform of an EU subsidy scheme for farmers. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Foreign farmland ownership rises over ten per cent

Around one million hectares of Romanias farmland are in foreign hands, and the interest in investing in agricultural plots is growing. Report by Nicoleta Banila and Michael Bird


Tough on trash and the causes of trash

Collection levels of household waste and recyclable materials must improve for Romania to become a nation that exploits its rubbish to the fullest Report by Nicoleta Banila


Generous renewable law faces EU test

The European Commission is questioning whether Romanias support scheme for renewable energy is too generous to power developers. Report by Michael Bird


Wiping the state clean

Join a political party or buy your way in are the two routes to success in a corrupt society, argues think tank leader Alina Mungiu-Pippidi - and Romania gives an opportunity for both


Spiritual awakening

Romanian-based spirits producer the Alexandrion Grup is branching out from its core cognac brand to seize a market in the growth of wine, whisky and vodka, CEO George Christoforidis reveals to Michael Bird


Is West Europe threat against Romanian fitness for Schengen no more than populist self-interest?

Romania and Bulgaria are suffering pressure from north European countries to step up measures against corruption, organised crime and border control or risk delay in being allowed into the Schengen free movement of space


Green buildings in Romania

To become a green building, the design, construction, operation, deconstruction and re-usage of the building materials must limit damage to the planets resources to the highest degree possible


Green buildings prepare for the mainstream

As Romania prepares for a new wave of green buildings, their developers hope this is only just the beginning. Report by Michael Bird


Industrial slowdown slackens pace of carbon trading

Romanias young carbon trading market shows fewer positive signs of development than in 2009 Report by Michael Bird


Recycling rates see patchy record

Romanias recycling market is up and running, but gaps in the supply chain, inconsistent collection levels and falling consumption pressure new enterprise


Dump closures on course for EU demand

Romania will fulfill its EU obligations on landfill and - contrary to rumour - is not illegally importing mafia trash from Naples, argues Silvian Ionescu, chief commissioner of the National Environment Guard


Romanian wind estate

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