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Enel to invest 329 million Euro in Romania in 2017-2018

Enel has planned investments for a total of 329 million Euro for the current regulatory cycle ending in 2018, of which of over 151 million Euro are due for 2017 and 178 million Euro for 2018.

Commissioner Cretu underscores need for monitoring implementation of major projects in Romania
Uber to launch carpool service in Romania by 2020
BMW Group explores Romanian IT industry opportunities
Illegal logging in Romania reduces in 2016
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Eighth anti-Boc confidence vote trips up

Romanias opposition launched its eighth vote of no confidence against a Government led by Prime Minister Emil Boc in the last two years, this time using the excuse of attacking a new employer-friendly labour c...


Rising local currency not enough to cool inflation

Romanias local currency the leu has appreciated against both the Euro and the dollar at a one year low of 4.088 RON to the Euro


MR STEFAN COJANU, 65, has been appointed the new president of the Employers Association of Software and Services (ANIS), replacing Mr Liviu Dragan. Previously he was CEO for US software producer Oracle for 14 y...


MS ALEXANDRA GATEJ has been appointed president of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). The former presidential counsellor was previously president of Unilever Southeast Europe. The new vice-presidents of...


MR PETER DE RUITER has been reappointed president of Dutch business association the Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce. Mr De Ruiter is partner in tax and legal services at PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania....


MR GIULIO SIMONELLI is the new general manager of Banco Italo Romena, which has 22 branches in Romania. He replaces Mr Antonio Bianchin, who was appointed to another position in the Veneto Banca Holding, the mo...


MR DANIEL BOAJE, 40, has been appointed general manager of the McDonalds Romania, taking over from Ms Karen Bishop, who becomes vice-president of McDonald`s Canada. For five years, Mr Boaje has been general ma...


MR LUCA DAGNESE has been appointed country manager of energy group Enel Romania, taking over from Mr Claudio Zito. Mr DAgnese has been executive director general of power grid operator GRTN Italy and director...


MR THIERRY BALLOT has joined PwC Romania as disputes director in charge of southeast Europe. Previously experienced in disputes in Paris and Moscow, his last position was as director of risk & compliance in...


MS ANDREA GUSTOVIC ERCEGOVAC has been appointed the new Ambassador of Croatia in Bucharest, replacing Mr Dragan Duric. Previously Ms Ercegovac served as advisor in the Croatian Foreign Ministry.


KLG Logistics plans expansion in north and south

Integrated logistics provider KLG Logistics has plans to extend its new logistic centre with a 20,000 sqm terminal near the A1 Bucharest-Pitesti motorway and build a new logistics centre in Turda, Cluj county. ...


Oradea sees new one million Euro Sprider store

Clothing retailer Sprider has opened a one million Euro store in Oradea mall ERA Shopping Park. The new shop has a net area of 850 sqm and is the groups 17th in Romania. In Oradea, there is a potential basis ...


Tornator buys further 500 hectares of forest in Buzau

Forestry investor Tornator, which holds 12,000 hectares of forest in Romania, has bought a further 500 hectares in Buzau county, in the first major transaction involving forests this year, according to Ziarul F...


Enel plans farm of 200 turbines in five years

Energy group Enel plans to invest 500 million Euro from 2011 to 2015 to install a capacity of 400 MW in wind farms. In four years its company Enel Green Power will be the owner of a 200-turbine farm, which will...


Signal Iduna boosts share capital as focus turns to health insurance

Insurance company Signal Iduna Romania has increased its share capital by two million Euro, bringing its total to 15 million Euro. President of the company Leslie Breer says the company remains dedicated to int...


ProCredit Bank continues business centre overhaul with Constanta

Focused on funding small and medium enterprises ProCredit Bank Romania has opened a second business centre in Constanta, as part of the banks goal is to reorganise its existing branches into business centres. ...


Loaded for the road

BMWs family friendly 5 series Touring is an all-round pleasure with a phenomenal extras package Review by Adrian Ion


A cut above

Bringing tailoring into the modern age, a Bucharest start up is helping businessmen build a new look in made-to-measure suits without leaving their desk


Airbus and Tarom in joint push for Camelina bio-fuel development

Romanian airline Tarom and EADS-owned Airbus have kicked off a project to develop bio-kerosene jet-fuel from the Camelina plant for plantation, processing and production in Romania


Commissioner visits home to sell new CAP

Changing policy: On a visit to Bucharest European Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos said that by 2014, ...



Road to ruin

Citizens in Romania are under threat from the high risk of fatal traffic accidents. The reason? Unqualified drivers, bad infrastructure, no respect for rules and road signs stolen by scrap-iron salesmen Report by Nicoleta Banila


Billion-Euro fund hopes for foreign rush to local stock market

Bucharests stock exchange has been rocked by the arrival of a massive state-backed compensation fund, the price of which has dropped since its launch - but dont panic! - this could still jump-start Romanias stalled capital markets Report by Michael Bird and Cerasela Marin



Step by step progress to reform

Progress at a political and economic level is moving in Romania - at a slow pace, but in the right direction, finds Nicoleta Banila as she interviews Netherlands Ambassador Tanya Van Gool


Sticking to his own path

Exports will be key to the revival of Romanias economy - and building material producer Den Bravens Adrian State believes he can show a shining example of this in a post-boom market. Profile by Andreea Ceasar


Romanian mineral water brands gear up for export

Romanian mineral water is set to go global as new brands see the potential of vast resources from the Carpathian mountains for rising domestic consumption and export Report by Andreea Ceasar


Romanian love affair with the wheel shows contempt for public space

A national disgrace of Romania is the nations pathetic record on road safety. Every year EU-collated statistics have revealed how Romania is the most dangerous country in the 27 member-bloc for traffic fatalities


Opportunities at the recessions end

Peter de Ruiter, president of the Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and partner at PwC Romania, tax and legal services


Power rush on stand-by due to renewable law hold-up

Efforts to put in place a new law regarding subsidies for green energy producers must step up before Romania can become a renewable powerhouse - findings from the 2011 Green Energy Forum


Needed co-operative farms attacked by black market

Consolidation and cooperation are key to ensuring productivity in Romanias agriculture, but greed, short-term thinking and the temptations of the black market are undermining efforts to associate. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Top of the crops

Romania is a safe bet for the future development of agriculture for multinational agricultural companies, argues CEO of Syngenta Romania Paul Claxton. Profile by Nicoleta Banila


Plough or pay policy set to force farms to grow up

Could a new law fining farmers who do not cultivate their land help Romania fully exploit its massive agricultural potential? State secretary for agriculture Adrian Radulescu explains this controversial move Profile by Nicoleta Banila


Pension-age Romanian farming set for shake-up in next decade

Travelling around the Romanian countryside what strikes visitors are strip farming resembling the backdrop to a medieval fresco, the horses and carts transporting hay-bails and the fieldworkers sharpening their scythes with whetstones


Farmers must pass bank test for EU cash

Farmers struggle to find co-financing for their projects using EU funds, but banks argue they must stick to formal procedures if they want a loan. Report by Cerasela Marin


Greener leaner route for EU farm subsidy reform

Romanias small and medium-sized farms may win, but large farms may lose in the reform of an EU subsidy scheme for farmers. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Foreign farmland ownership rises over ten per cent

Around one million hectares of Romanias farmland are in foreign hands, and the interest in investing in agricultural plots is growing. Report by Nicoleta Banila and Michael Bird


Power costs for irrigation beyond the pockets of farmers

Farmers rocked by the withdrawal of subsidies for irrigation have renounced over 80 per cent of their land for watering. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Suppliers double up as creditors to fund cash-strapped farmers

Due to a financing crisis in Romanias countryside, multinational agricultural companies are turning into creditors for farmers. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Maramures garlic jam bets on Bucharest

Farming entrepreneurs from Maramures travel 12 hours by train from Romanias remotest region to Bucharest in search of a market for high-class products - such as garlic and red onion jam, honey wine and Mangalitsa sausages. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Romania in genetically modified dilemma

Romanias Agriculture Ministry is pushing Brussels to allow recultivation of genetically modified crops - but opposition groups are lining up economic arguments against their development. Report by Nicoleta Banila


Organic boom held back by processing lack

Romania is growing as a producer of organic food, but because it lacks processing facilities, its green friendly stores are packed full of eco imports. Report by Cerasela Marin

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