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Romania inks anti-missile shield agreement

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi and the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton recently signed an agreement on the deployment of the US Ballistic Missile Defense System in Romania


Metrorex inks EUR 10.2 million contract for construction consulting services

Metrorex has signed a RON 44.71 million (EUR 10.2 million) contract, VAT excluded, with a consortium formed of the Romanian company Metroul and French firm Systra for construction consulting services for the Un...


Hidroelectrica takes out EUR 32 million loan for one year

The largest Romanian energy producer, Hidroelectrica, has secured a EUR 32 million loan from RBS Romania. The money will be used to expand the companys working capital and will have to be paid back in a maximu...


Razvan Popa has been appointed partner and head of the corporate, M&A and real estate practices in Romania at Kinstellar. Popa joined the independent law firm in 2009 as counsel and head of the local corpor...


Mihai Mares has resumed the position of managing partner at Mares & Associates. He announced that the law firm had started independent operations, capitalizing on its extended expertise gained since 2006. ...


Violeta Luca has become Flanco marketing director, completing the senior management team. Luca will be in charge of the coordination of the marketing strategy for some 75 Flanco retail units, which have over 60...


Daniela Cretu becomes founding partner for Romania of the John Maxwell Team, which specializes in coaching, training and business consulting. Cretu has served as a top executive with expertise in the banking an...


Radu Lucianu has teamed up with Capital Partners to form a new company, Capital Property Advisors. He left CBRE in April this year. The newly formed and already active Capital Property Advisors will target sec...


Alina Stancu-Birsan, Monica Iancu, Oana Albota and Catalin Alexandru have been appointed new partners at PeliFilip. The law firm has also promoted Irina Bugnar, Monica Statescu and Alexandra Radulescu to senior...


Vivani Salubritate to complete EUR 1 million investment

Vivani Salubritate, part of the German group Chinox Beteililgungs, will this year complete a EUR 1 million investment in an installation for the preparation, dosage and delivery of liquid alternative fuels in p...


Medas to open EUR 4 million hospital

Medical service operator Medas will open a hospital later this year following an investment of about EUR 4 million. According to the company, the facility will have 40 beds for continued hospitalization and bet...


Felix Tourism invests EUR 20 mln in first five-star spa hotel

Felix Tourism is investing EUR 20 million in the first five-star spa hotel in Romania, which will be inaugurated at the end of next year, in Baile Felix. The company also owns the four-star International hotel,...


Muntmark to develop EUR 240 million wind farm

Wind project developer Emanuel Muntmark, owner of Monsson Group will start construction of a 150 MW wind farm to the north of Constanta. The investment will amount to EUR 240 million and the turbine supplier wi...


MedLife opens hospital and acquires maternity clinic in Brasov

MedLife has invested over EUR 10 million in opening a private hospital with 60 beds and the acquisition of maternity clinic Eva in Brasov, which, according to the company, is the largest maternity facility in t...


Cluj Country Council pours EUR 5.6 mln into waste management solutions

Cluj Country Council has sent documents awarding the project concerning works for the construction of three waste transfer stations in Cluj Country, worth about EUR 5.6 million, for publication to the SEAP (Ele...


Dani Lary Counts on mystery

Every 100 years, Count du Bois des Naix comes to life at midnight to find the beautiful Valerian


Hard talk at the Automotive After-sales Power Breakfast

The Automotive After-sales Power Breakfast round-table organized by The Diplomat-Bucharest on September 27 addressed the challenges of the sector


RoRec Association launches program for local authorities

The Romanian Recycling Association RoRec is taking its actions on WEEE collection centers to the next level



No deal: M&A market struggles to bounce back

Limited financial resources, barriers to negotiations, and the gap between the buyers and sellers views on the real value of the business concerned are among the hurdles that stand in the way of the successful completion of M&As nowadays. By Dana Verdes


Tech-savvy users say three cheers for 3D

With 3D products and content now becoming mass market, the local 3D scene is gaining a new dimension. By Dana Verdes



Efficient logistics a walk in the park

What is the first step in developing an efficient logistics chain? By Magda Purice


Are we the authors of our own misfortune?

One of the hot topics of the last month has been the TV show featuring a group of French comedians, broadcast by a major TV station in the Hexagon, mocking Romanians whom it describes as dirty beggars


Banker gets new lease of life

After four years at the helm of Erste Group Immorent, Bogdan Cernescu notched up substantial financial results in the years before the crisis hit, but has also had to find ways to fight the economic downturn and keep the company afloat By Roxana Cristea


German firms march on despite crisis and red tape

The 18,000 firms with German capital present in Romania account for EUR 14.1 billion in trade and this year expect double-digit growth By Dana Verdes and Magda Purice


Getting the economic engine in gear

Players on the goods movement market are keeping their fingers crossed that improvements to their work tools regulations, good road infrastructure and a functional sea harbor will come sooner rather than later By Magda Purice


Defensive maneuver

Twenty-four used F16 jet fighters are Romanias best option, Scott Harris, Lockheed Martin president for Continental Europe, reveals to The Diplomat-Bucharest on the countrys potential aircraft purchase. By Adrian Ion


After-sales market needs inspection

How does the automotive aftermarket, worth about EUR 1 billion in Romania, relate to the after-sales and insurance sectors establishing themselves locally? By Magda Purice and Roxana Cristea


The real state of office real estate

A few years ago developers were eagerly building office space. Now the vacant stock is generating total monthly losses of EUR 6 million for its owners By Roxana Cristea


Positive Signals on a difficult market

What does it take to set up an insurance company in Romania during a recession? Leslie Breer, president of the management board of Signal Iduna Asigurari de Viata, tells The Diplomat-Bucharest the companys milestones, its results so far and where it will go from here. By Dana Verdes


Chinese companies are branching out

In the last two decades, Chinese investors have seen opportunities in Romania in areas such as infrastructure, construction or tobacco. The investment range could be expanded with the help of authorities and a better capitalization of custom fees which would decrease the black market of Chinese imports, especially in the main local import hub, Constanta harbor. By Magda Purice


Romanian healthcare system awaits life-saving cash injection

Romanias public healthcare system still has no idea how to shake off its ailments and embrace the 21st century. The sector has received blow after blow. From the Governments side, the legislation is incomplete, cluttered and unclear and money is short. By Cerasela Marin


On the long regional road

Romanias fortunate position, by the Black Sea and the Danube, could help it to support cluster creation and become a regional hub but location alone is not enough. Costin Lianu, manager within the Ministry of the Economy, tells The Diplomat-Bucharest the advantages of clusters, the immediate action plan and the financial resources that could be leveraged to support this strategy. By Magda Purice


How many cars does it take to drive the economy forward?

One of the indicators that show us how a countrys economy is faring is undoubtedly consumption. Lets take for instance the auto market


Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy

An event of both symbolic and pragmatic significance Minister Baconschi, this week you are holding the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy (RADR). What is the significance of that event?


Polishing a scratched local furniture market

What would you do to save and even to boost your business if you were the manager of a Romanian furniture producer in this troubled period? Several furniture firms outlined to The Diplomat-Bucharest their survival strategies on a market that has dropped by a third over the past three years. By Magda Purice


Insolvency firms go for broke

While construction and transportation companies have been the most likely to fall prey to insolvency, specialists say that small and medium retailers, pharmaceuticals, IT and heavy industry firms are starting to join them in higher numbers. By Dana Verdes and Magda Purice


Car parts sector shifts Romanias GDP up a gear

A cog in the engine of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the car parts industry is a big driver of local exports. And Romania still has the capacity to attract investments in this sector local labor costs, for example, are ten times cheaper than in Germany. By Cerasela Marin and Magda Purice


The public healthcare system is dead! Long live the private system!

As the public medical system sinks deeper and deeper, with no reforms and no stable healthcare ministers to pull it out of the quicksand, private investors are making plans for expansion and counting their increasingly larger profits. Faced with growing demand, market players stand ready to double the number of private hospitals across Romania. By Dana Verdes and Cerasela Marin

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