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Ratio between pensioners and employees could double by 2032 as compared to 2014, pension fund manager says

The ratio between pensioners and employees could double by 2032 as compared to 2014, which will cause problems in covering the necessary pension payments by the employees for those who enter the pu...

Damages to electricity networks caused by severe weather conditions do not increase the distribution tariffs, says ACUE

Lately, Romania confronted with extreme, unpredictable meteorological phenomena that have caused major damages, in large areas, to electricity distribution networks.

Orbis turnover increased to 62 million Euro in Q1

The Orbis Hotel Group turnover increased by 4.4 million Euro in Q1 2017 up to 62 million Euro, a press release shows. Group's EBITDA in the first quarter totalled 8.9 million Euro, representing y...

Deloitte Romania appoints Alexandru Reff as new country managing partner
Cushman & Wakefield Echinox expands its retail department with new appointment
Banca Transilvania posts 246 million RON profit in the first quarter of 2017
Greg Konieczny, FP: We really need a miracle to think about Hidroelectrica's IPO this year
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Coalition to proceed with merging elections in November 2012

The UDMR and PDL ruling coalition has agreed to stick with its decision to merge local and legislative elections in November 2012, said Kelemen Hunor (photo), UDMR leader


Revenue hike and expenditure stagnation shape 2012 budget

The state budget for next year has been allocated in the context of a deficit of RON 17.1 billion, with revenues of RON 95.65 billion lei, up 13.5 percent on the RON 84.26 billion of revenues projected for this...


Verbund initiates construction of first section of Casimcea wind park

Following an investment estimated at around EUR 300 million, Austrian company Verbund has announced that the electric station at its project in Casimcea, south-eastern Romania, is now completed


New Q joins the queue

The Audi Q3 is a car that offers more than you might expect. By Adrian Ion


Cirque du Soleil brings Saltimbanco to Romania

International group Cirque du Soleil is coming to Romania for the first time, with the production Saltimbanco


George Argentopoulos will be the new CEO of Baneasa Shopping city. He will replace Ali Ergun Ergen who hold the position in the last 6 years to the development of Northern Bucharest commercial project Baneasa. ...


Draxlmaier to invest EUR 30 mln at Satu Mare

German company Draxlmaier has recently announced that it will invest about EUR 30 mln in expanding the production of automotive electrical wiring in its Satu Mare plant. The investment which will start next y...


Charity ball

The 11th Edelweiss Charity Ball, the largest such event in 2011


RoRec Associations WEEE collection campaigns

Romanians are willing to recycle and are concerned about the environment, one of the main impediments in their way is the fact that in Romania there is not a coherent collection system in place



Couriers seek to dispatch rivals post-haste

After two hard years of coping with the economic gloom and several bankruptcies in 2010, managers of the largest courier firms active locally told The Diplomat Bucharest how much the market - estimated at EUR 200 million for this year - has slowed, what their business expectations are and where the growth potential opportunities may pop up. By Magda Purice


Delivering change

Challenged by a privatization attempt in 2007, huge losses, a record EUR 26 mln fine, and wary of breaching competition law, the Romanian Post seems finally to be delivering on its market, with a little help from the States international economic agreements. Now seeking a strategic investor to put its stamp on the service, the Romanian Post is shaking off the dust of the past and going head‑to‑head with its competitors


Hidroelectrica finally galvanized over dodgy discounts

After the European Commission started an investigation into possible state aid in relation to the cheap energy acquired by smart guys on the local energy market, officials from the state-owned energy producer Hidroelectrica are now talking about price renegotiations of at least 3.5 percent and even the annulment of contracts. By Dana Verdes



Romanian healthcare system seeks to inject clarity into financing

The main changes brought about by the new draft healthcare law, the amendments it has undergone so far and the potential funding structure of this sector were just a few of the themes of the Financing Mechanisms of the Healthcare System event, organized by The Diplomat Bucharest. By Magda Purice, Roxana Cristea


Electricity chief embraces state switch

Coming from the private sector, Horia Hahaianu, Transelectrica GM, took up the challenge of running a state-owned company. He tells The Diplomat Bucharest the latest details on the companys major projects. By Dana Verdes


Few signs of a prosperous New Year

As the festive season approaches, we at The Diplomat Bucharest have another reason to celebrate: our eighth anniversary on the market. Its an achievement were proud of especially given that many other local businesses have succumbed to the hostile market conditions


Business travel still up in the air

Worth around EUR 500 million in 2011, business travel in Romania is the only sector of the local hospitality sector that is efficient and on the up. Industry consultants and the managers of major airlines, travel agents, hotels and corporate associations tell The Diplomat Bucharest what conditions are required for this segment to soar next year. By Magda Purice and Roxana Cristea


Prepare to party like its 2012!

This year, as in the past two years, Bucharests five-star hotels are not throwing the glitzy parties they used to host before the crisis, which once brought in big bucks. Why? By Roxana Cristea

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