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Spiros Vamvakas, General Manager, Stirom
Romania's glass industry doesn't have enough recycled glass. To manufacture a bottle, yo»
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Ratio between pensioners and employees could double by 2032 as compared to 2014, pension fund manager says

The ratio between pensioners and employees could double by 2032 as compared to 2014, which will cause problems in covering the necessary pension payments by the employees for those who enter the pu...

Damages to electricity networks caused by severe weather conditions do not increase the distribution tariffs, says ACUE

Lately, Romania confronted with extreme, unpredictable meteorological phenomena that have caused major damages, in large areas, to electricity distribution networks.

Orbis turnover increased to 62 million Euro in Q1

The Orbis Hotel Group turnover increased by 4.4 million Euro in Q1 2017 up to 62 million Euro, a press release shows. Group's EBITDA in the first quarter totalled 8.9 million Euro, representing y...

Deloitte Romania appoints Alexandru Reff as new country managing partner
Cushman & Wakefield Echinox expands its retail department with new appointment
Banca Transilvania posts 246 million RON profit in the first quarter of 2017
Greg Konieczny, FP: We really need a miracle to think about Hidroelectrica's IPO this year
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Energy companies' tax burden increases

A new set of taxes targeting energy companies was approved by the Government a few days after the presentation of the budget for 2013. Companies that exploit and extract natural resources other than gas in Roma...


Record low yields for local Eurobonds

Romania′s first bond issue of the year was hailed as a financial success, with the Finance Ministry raising EUR 502.5 million, more than three times the planned amount, and the average yield dropping to a...


Chinese Sinovel to partner Faur plant for wind turbine production

The largest Chinese wind turbine producer, Sinovel Wind Group Co, is in advanced discussions with Romanian heavy machinery plant Faur to jointly invest in a wind turbine production facility in Romania. Company ...


The state will allocate three billion to co-finance projects with European funding

The amounts allocated by the state budget for the co-financing of EU projects could reach this year about EUR three billion, up 33 percent from 2012. According to preliminary execution of the 2012 budget, Roman...


Falling prices get land market moving again

Cheaper land prices have finally persuaded real estate developers to return to the market, with the most activity coming in the retail sector, say property industry sources. In the most recently announced tra...


Christophe Gourlet

is the new country manager of Sanofi Romania and chairman of the board of directors of Zentiva SA, replacing Jacques Nathan. His previous job was at the Hungarian branch of the same company and he studied at th...


Huadian Engineering to build 600 MW power plant in Oltenia

The thermal power plant Complexul Energetic Oltenia will build in partnership with Chinese firm China Huadian Engineering a thermal power plant that will have an installed capacity of 600 MW and will produce fi...


History repeating

Hotel Cismigiu, one of the symbols of Little Paris, as Bucharest was once known, reopened for the public. The Spanish company, Hercesa, bought the hotel in 2004 and invested in its renovation EUR 15 million, pr...


Where is the limit?

About two years ago, I was writing about the phenomenal bi-turbo engine developed by BMW, which solved one of the major drawbacks of these oil burning machines, the turbo lag. But guess what... for an unknown r...



Power play: the sorry saga of Romania's energy projects

Romanian politicians, at least those in charge of the energy field, are very ambitious. They have all stated that Romania is or can clearly be a power in the field all over the region and that the country will achieve energy independence.


Romanian waste law hits new targets

An EU citizen produces about 500 kilograms of municipal waste per year, according to calculations made in 2010 by the European Court of Auditors, which, if not collected, treated and disposed of properly, can have a negative impact on the environment. The Diplomat - Bucharest talked to representatives of the authorities to find out both Romania's new targets for 2013, and solutions to improve the waste recycling system.


Recycling, the elegant way to dispose of waste

Romania's recycling system had a late start compared to other European Union countries. Several significant associations and companies on the local market are now making efforts to meet the targets set by European legislation, in order to boost the recycling system. The Diplomat - Bucharest talked to the main waste players to gauge the difficulties they are currently facing, and potential solutions.


Green buildings: development fad or money saver?

The Diplomat - Bucharest takes a look at the green development market to see what opportunities there are for consultants, developers and clients, as well as how local authorities are encouraging these types of constructions.



Lending expertise to entertainment

One's professional path does not always go in a straight line, but may have unpredictable twists and turns - something to which Haluk Kurcer can certainly attest.

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