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Ratio between pensioners and employees could double by 2032 as compared to 2014, pension fund manager says

The ratio between pensioners and employees could double by 2032 as compared to 2014, which will cause problems in covering the necessary pension payments by the employees for those who enter the pu...

Damages to electricity networks caused by severe weather conditions do not increase the distribution tariffs, says ACUE

Lately, Romania confronted with extreme, unpredictable meteorological phenomena that have caused major damages, in large areas, to electricity distribution networks.

Orbis turnover increased to 62 million Euro in Q1

The Orbis Hotel Group turnover increased by 4.4 million Euro in Q1 2017 up to 62 million Euro, a press release shows. Group's EBITDA in the first quarter totalled 8.9 million Euro, representing y...

Deloitte Romania appoints Alexandru Reff as new country managing partner
Cushman & Wakefield Echinox expands its retail department with new appointment
Banca Transilvania posts 246 million RON profit in the first quarter of 2017
Greg Konieczny, FP: We really need a miracle to think about Hidroelectrica's IPO this year
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Noble venture

Once a grand witness to history, Stirbey Palace has now become a target for an ambitious makeover, writes Michael Bird


Playing it cool

Even-handed and with a slick design: the new Audi A5 goes on a cruise with Adrian Ion


Basescu tipped to face Geoana or Antonescu

Even though President Basescu has not publicly announced his intention to run in this autumns election for head of state, he continues to lead with 35 per cent of Romanians voting intentions, according to a r...


French and Greeks win 1.5 billion Euro mountain motorway project

Romanias toughly fought auction for the mountain motorway between Comarnic and Brasov in the Prahova Valley will be built by a consortium set up by French and Greek construction companies Vinci and Aktor


Italian tyre giant relocates from Spain to Romania


Italian Jewellers polish up new stores


German pharma distributor opens new warehouse


French bank opens four new branches


Japanese car parts switch from Poland to Romania


McDonald's keeps business up during crisis



Paying the price for healthcare

Mass bribery, indifference and a lack of funds contribute to a broken healthcare system in Romania


Fairness in peril under new tax laws

Romanias new tax regime on company turnover and cars is under attack by the local business community, writes Alexandra PehlivanRomanias introduction of a turnover tax has been attacked by the local business community as unfair and ineffective



Latin destination stays popular

Despite the media hype about a growing rift between the two countries, the number of Romanians in Italy is growing - Italian Ambassador to Bucharest Mario Cospito explains to Ana Maria Nitoi


Reconstruction time

Bringing German discipline to the Romanian DIY market, Horia Mugurel Rusu, general director of Hornbach, talks strategy to Alexandra Pehlivan


Healthcare: can Romania afford reform?

New patient payments for healthcare, decentralisation of hospitals and Romanias chronic health underfunding are put to the debate


Judgement day

As the European Commission releases its next and last monitoring report on Romanias rule of law, Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu defends the nations record on justice reform and anti-corruption


Healthcare black market frozen in time

Last month Romanias Health Ministry began a massive reform programme, kicking off with the burial of the ideology that healthcare should be free at the point of access


Recycling industry powers ahead of laws

Unrealistic Government targets for recycling and laws which are not keeping up with the realities of the industry were under discussion at Romanias pioneering Recycling Forum


Not yet in a fix

While Romanias real estate market sinks to a low, sales for DIY products remain bouyant: but can this last? asks Corina Ilie

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