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October 13, 2009


Special event on green energy opportunities in Romania

The Romanian energy market is still providing excellent opportunities for companies in the sector. The establishment of green power markets and the recent attention to national energy security are all contributing to recent achievements in renewable energy.
The second edition of Green Energy for Romania conference
will bring together in a high profile event the decision makers to discuss innovations in the energy sector, trading Renewable Energy Credits and carbon credits as well as case studies on the financing of wind power, solar, biofuel, hydro power, geothermal, biomass and waste energy projects.Government
officials as well as representatives of local authorities and companies which implement these projects will be invited to attend the meeting.
The aim of the event is to debate what the energy sector has in mind and what the companies’ prospects look like for the next years. It will also offer a comprehensive analysis of how to develop Green Energy projects.
Renewable energy strategy for the Romanian market

How does the Romanian regulatory framework integrates with the EU strategy of energy security and environmental protection.

Discussion topics:
• The impact of EU directives on regulating the romanian market– who is running the show?
• Renewable energy generation needs of Romania
• Green certificates market in Romania
• Emissions trading to 2012 and beyond
• Emission trading and potential barriers
• Emission management and strategies: trading and/or source control and the impacts of EU directives

Investment Opportunities and developments of renewable energy projects in Romania

What is Romania’s potential in the field and what is a realistic timescale to develop large scale projects in green energy generation.

Discussion topics:
• Energy conservation, energy efficiency and fuel switching, modernization
• Successful joint implementation projects – what are the challenges?
• Financing Green Energy projects through structural funds
• Financial management in the energy sector
• Financing of renewable power generation projects

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