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Raluca Florentina Dumitriu, General Manager of G4S Secure Solutions Romania

2017-04-03 21:41:06 - From the Print Edition

G4S worldwide

G4S is the world's leading security solutions group with a unique global footprint having operations in more than 120 countries, being one of the largest private employers in the world with over 620,000 employees. G4S is also LSE listed and a FTSE 100 company

G4S in Romania

Under G4S flag in Romania operate two entities with distinct management and infrastructure acting in different areas of security industry, with more than 7000 employees.
G4S Cash Solutions successfully leads Cash Processing and Cash in Transit markets and G4S Secure Solutions is servicing the Manned Guarding, Patrol & Response and Security Systems needs of Romanian clients. We also promoted our group values locally. We act with integrity and respect; we are passionate about safety, security and service excellence achieving all this through innovation and teamwork.
G4S Secure Solutions operates in Romania for more than 20 years, providing a broad range of solutions to both commercial and government customers. We aim to use our worldwide expertise, service delivery and integration to differentiate our business to customers and to drive outsourcing and enhance the value of traditional security services through greater use of technology.
We plan to bring in Romania, until the end of 2017, most of our state of the art group solutions suitable for Romanian clients' profile. G4S Secure Solutions has the full spectrum of capabilities to develop and offer the best possible security deliverables.
Analysing with group experts our portfolio, we already identified 3 specific security projects to be deployed to selected Romanian clients in the next 6 months.
The first selected solution is an advanced Access Control, Alarm and Video Management System already implemented in over 90 countries worldwide. These serves as a single platform, connecting disparate systems and data into a dependable automated policy based platform, providing rich reporting and business analysis solutions, so Management can make better informed decisions for their facilities and crisis management across an entire enterprise. Designed for organizations of any size, securing everything from a two-door building to large multisite facilities, this solution is suitable for all applications from large multi-national corporations and government departments through to offices and Universities. Our customer centric approach, when proposing this solution, covers costs, risk and compliance dimensions of any organization. In terms of costs, we consider leveraging existing security infrastructure on a global scale, reducing manual processes that are labor intensive, repetitive and error prone while optimizing resources, technologies and security operations. Risk dimension focus on standardizing security organizations' process, ensuring the right people, right place, right authorization, creating best practices, lowering liability and maximizing asset protection. Compliance dimension refers to insuring Government, organizational and industry regulations, monitoring infractions and enforce security policies and rules, creating automated reports and audit security procedures.
The Vertical Markets we serve with this solution worldwide are Food & Beverage, Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Financial, Utilities, Military, Government, Ports & Maritime, Arts & Culture, Datacenters, Pharmaceuticals.
Among our international clients using this solution we will mention US Pentagon, Los Angeles Police (LAPD), Nike, IBM, Bank of America, Yale University, Unilever, Pixar and many others.
Second solution is a mobile system with telescopic pole (up to 7.0 m) with a camera transferring data to cloud ready for detection of persons, vehicles up to > 75 meters (60°) with intelligent video analysis and message send to control room when problem detected. Verification is performed by an operator in control room who can uses camera to verify any problem (360 degrees, zoom up to >150 meters). Actions (to be agreed with the customer) are discourage with light / sound or/and mobile intervention team or/and Police alert or/and Local NDA. We can offer as specs: anti smog, IR/White light – Starlight technology, I-LID certified. Communication between system and control room is via 4G / 3G (dual sim) and local transmission NDA (point to point, Wi-Fi, Cable) and remote management. Live and recorded HD images/events (15/30 days) can be viewed remotely by customer with a web-tool. This solution was selected as we identified a growing need from our clients for mobile systems to monitor different kind of sites.
Third selected solution is ThruVis, a camera that can see and detect objects concealed externally on the body under several layers of clothing. ThruVis can be used for consensual screening on static persons or for non-consensual screening on moving persons. ThruVis can see objects of virtually any material; metallic & non-metallic including plastics, liquids, powders, paper (currency). ThruVis is completely passive. Unlike airport scanners or X-ray, ThruVis does not transmit anything.
ThruVis is quick, safe, respectful, detects weapons, explosives, wiring devices, contraband. It is easy and efficient for operators to use it, as is small, simply to install and operate insuring real time screening.
We will propose it as an efficient solution in Mass Transportation Security, Aviation Security, Border & Customs Screening, Stadiums & Concert Venues, Conferences & VIP Events, Government, Public & Museum Buildings, Shopping Centre Security, Prison Security and Employees Screening for Loss Prevention.
We have this solution operational in UK Customs – UKBA, UK Police (Metropolitan Police – London), UK Heathrow Airport, New York Police Department (NYPD), US Army and US Air Force, UK Government Department Entrances, British Museums, Hong Kong Customs, Chinese Ministry of Public Security.
Beside these 3 solutions we have also identified a quick win on our monitoring and patrol & response services - G4S Cloud Services. This will bring additional features to our monitoring and intervention services as secure access from anywhere, business transparency, damage prevention ensuring maximum return on investment.
G4S Cloud Services will insure 24/7 Live intervention to prevent vandalism and theft and video analytics to trigger the alarm to G4S monitoring station. G4S operator gets full situation awareness and an audio intervention is provided when needed. Video verification to confirm alarm from intrusion panel (alarms from intrusion panels can be verified by video evidence). Virtual guard tours allow running regular remote security checks. Remote check of end user location with virtual guard and compare virtual guard information with reference images and take appropriate escalation path. Virtual assistant Ensure employee safety with remote assistance Employee has ability to use panic button.
When Romanian Authorities will be ready G4S can provide any type of electronic monitoring, reducing the pressure created by the actual poor imprisonment condition. G4S is the world's leading provider of electronic monitoring services, monitoring tens of thousands of subjects globally every day.
Electronically monitored curfew orders have been used throughout the criminal justice system in the UK since the late 1990s as a community service condition, as a condition of release from prison, or in conjunction with bail imposed by the court.
A person (subject) under curfew must stay at home (or another specified place) during certain hours. A subject is fitted with an electronic tag and a Home Monitoring Unit is placed in their home to check they are keeping to their curfew hours.
In the UK, G4S provides electronic monitoring services in both Scotland and Northern Ireland. Electronic monitoring services are subject to rigorous inspection and accountability in the UK. On demand, a list of relevant reports, academic studies and G4S submissions relating to electronic monitoring is available.
In addition to the UK, G4S provides electronic monitoring services and technology internationally, including major contracts in the Netherlands, France, Australia and New Zealand.
G4S combines the best security professionals with the latest technology to benefit our customers through innovation in protection.
Our Business activities and relationship are built on trust, honesty and openness. We do what we promise and always strive to do the right thing. We listen. We treat our colleagues, customers and those in our care with utmost respect. We are passionate about working safely and take great care to protect our customers from harm. We are experts in security and use the knowledge to protect our clients' assets. We keep our promises and are passionate about delivering high levels of customer service. We invest in technology and best practice to continuously improve the products and services we offer. We challenge ourselves to find new ways of helping our customers achieve their goals. We work together as a team, valuing everyone's contribution, to ensure we achieve the best results for our customers and our business.
" National Security market is mature enough to absorb our proposed technology and we are ready to support Romanian Authorities in their efforts of implementing international proven security solutions. As clients' demands and concerns grow exponentially every day, we are committed to use our international and local expertise to provide state of the art security systems for our customers. We are confident that G4S services will add value to our clients leverage existing security infrastructure, redesign it, adding new proven technologys and in this way contributing to a sustainable growth of Romanian security business," Raluca Florentina Dumitriu, General Manager of G4S Secure Solutions Romania.

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